Where to Service Your Car Near Wilkes-Barre? Wyoming Valley Motors Volkswagen!

September 15th, 2019 by

The best way to keep your Volkswagen in good working order and enjoy as many miles on the road as possible in your vehicle is to have it regularly serviced. If you’re looking for a reputable service center near Wilkes-Barre, you have come to the right place. Wyoming Valley Motors Volkswagen has been a trusted service and repair shop serving the greater Wilkes-Barre area for many years.

Having maintenance and service work performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations is important to keep the vehicle’s warranty in place. You do not want to jeopardize your vehicle’s warranty because you failed to keep up with the required service intervals over the years.

Another reason Volkswagen drivers from Wilkes-Barre trust us is because we have licensed and certified VW mechanics. You should not trust just any mechanic to work on your car. By bringing your vehicle to our Volkswagen service center, you can feel confident knowing that all of our mechanics are specifically trained to work on Volkswagen vehicles, so they are the most knowledgeable about any issues that might be on the horizon for your car.

When you bring your car to our service center, you will receive helpful information about the status of your vehicle and what repairs might be necessary in the near future. This allows you to plan and prepare for having repair work completed around your busy schedule.

Another benefit of taking your Volkswagen to our dealership for regular service work is that we will maintain a complete and accurate record of all of the service work performed on your vehicle throughout the lifetime of owning your car. This means that you will be less likely to miss out on an oil change or another essential service that should be performed on your car. You will not have to worry about losing the paperwork or staying on top of the factory recommended service intervals.

If you need to service your car near Wilkes-Barre, visit Wyoming Valley Motors Volkswagen. Browse through our website to learn more about our service center and see our current service specials. Remember, you will save money and time over the lifetime of owning your car by staying on top of regular service work. To schedule your next service appointment at our new Volkswagen dealership, give us a call today!

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